• Marlene Bond

The Start of Something Great.

My journey as a Designer started last year around this time. I found myself really interested in making my own clothes as I always had. It had always been something that I really wanted to pursue but I didn't really have the confidence I needed to pursue this goal. I remember the first thing i had ever made was a choker tee, it was so simple but the start of something greater. I was walking around Forever21 one day, when I found a men's black tee. I immediately had the idea to cut it into a choker tee. I had previously seen other companies selling these choker tees for 30+ dollars. I knew that i could make the same thing out of this 3 dollar shirt in forever 21. I then had the idea to grab a few more items that i could transform into things that I wanted. I grabbed a pair of their black jeans for 7.99 as well as another band tee for 10.99. These were items that i needed in my closet. I needed a Band lace up tee as well as ripped black jeans. I looked at these products in other stores, and they seemed so easy to make. I thought to myself I can make all of these. I got home and I went to work. The choker tee took me about 5 min and looked amazing, I honestly can say I wore this tee for about 3 weeks till I was sick of it, and the best part was I made it for 3 dollars. The next item was my black ripped jeans. While this was a little more difficult, they looked amazing once they were done. This was the start of something new. When summer came I decided that it was time to start branching out and trying new things. This lead to the summer and beginning of JustMBDesigns. I have shared a few photos of the clothes that I started out with.

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Address: Tucson, Arizona

Phone: (907) 347-4848


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