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JustMBDesigns Takes on Tailgates

As most of you know, U of A is one of the most extra schools when it comes to tailgate season. Everyone dresses up so cute, no one ever looks the same, whether it means having a cool lace up tee that you wear with knee high socks or a cute SunnyCo skirt. You always have to look your best, for the Insta pic obviously. Tailgate shirts were one of my favorite things, because it took my favorite items to make (lace up tees and choker tees) and put them together to make tailgate shirts. I enjoyed tailgate items so much, it was one of my favorite things to make.

I decided to reevaluate my brand one more time and turn it into something more; a Tailgate company. I started designing my own tailgate apparel, I looked into the latest trends that were popular and I found different styles that I wanted to make, I knew that crop tops were always a popular hit, as well as tube tops. Tube tops were a new thing that I thought were coming back, and they did just for the summer, first it was off the shoulder tops and then next thing you knew it was tube tops. i made so many different types of tailgate shirts but mainly focused on lace ups, choker, crop tops, and tube tops. The occasional bandeau as well. Most all of these were a hit, I had so many of my friends texting me if they could buy them, and i even had girls on Etsy buying them from me. It was so cool to meet people I had never known before and sell them one of the designs that I had made, and then to later see a picture of them on Instagram wearing my shift to a tailgate/football game.

I even began getting special orders, where people would bring me shirts and I would make it into whatever they wanted. This was really fun too, because they got to make it into whatever they wanted. I really enjoyed doing all of this, while it did keep me really really busy all the time. After tailgate season started dying down so did my business. It was kind of upsetting, because I was making other clothes while also making tailgate clothes. After football season was over i was left with an entire box of clothes that I wasn't sure what to do with. I began to get really discouraged and upset with my business. I had put so much time and effort, not to mention money and didn't get much in return from it all. While I did gain a lot of experience running and managing my brand I did have a lot to learn and noted my flaws and what to do from there. I decided to have a FLASH sale. I marked everything on my etsy and Instagram account. I marked everything at 5 dollars, no matter what the item was. I began to sell everything so fast, I sold almost my entire stock of product. This was uplifting while also diminishing, I wasn't even breaking even on the products I was selling, but ceded to get them out so it was what needed to be done. I sold everything and told myself that i needed to think about the semester and decide what my next step in my business would be, I didn't want to give up on it because it was something that I was passionate about and loved doing so why waste it. Once the semester ended I knew it was time to do some serious thinking on my next move, which lead me to: Isn't as Always as It "Seams"

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