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JustMBDesigns - Reconstructed

Went on a whim for this next level of my designs. After wearing my own clothes that I had made for awhile I began to get the feeling that I should just start doing more, I had so many ideas flowing through my head, I just needed to do something with all of the ideas that I had. Friends were even asking me to make tee's for them, or make lace up shirts for them. I thought to myself, "why not". It was something i was really passionate about and wanted to see come to life. I began going on random trips to goodwill.

As many of you know goodwill is a very stressful store, you cant go into goodwill with a item in mind, you just have to go with the flow and find what you find. I was lucky to find some awesome things at goodwill, I found denim jackets in good condition as well as band tee shirts like (kiss, Metallica, ac dc, etc.) I really liked making grungy clothes that stood out and made people think "WOW". I began ordering more supplies online and began making different things. Some of the first items that I started were a few different band shirts as well as some more choker tees. This is something that stood out to me and started the launch of my "brand". I made about 10 items, and then had a photo shoot in phoenix with my brother. I modeled all of the clothes and he took pictures of me in the clothes. A few days later I had a "launch" of my brand, this was such an exciting thing for me because it helped me boost my confidence and show my friends and family, that this was something I was really passionate about and I wanted to pursue.

After uploading the first 10 items it was time for me to go to Georgia for the summer. When I got to Georgia I was so excited to show my Grandma my designs and show her what I was up to. She was so excited to see everything that I had made, and was so supportive which meant the world to me. Having family here to back my up on my journey has allowed me to move further with my dreams and keep at them even when I don't think I have what it takes. I am on this journey because I believe in my dreams and want them to come true. As my mom has always told me, "when one door closes, another door opens.". In my case this is true, changing my major from Education to Retail has been one of the best decision of my life, and I am so happy to see where this path takes me. Over the next few weeks I began to make more clothes as well as make many many more stops at goodwill. I got the feeling that people at goodwill began to recognize me and knew what I was looking for.

I made a few different designs that were different from my previous items. I began working on denim jackets, tank tops, as well as more band tees. After working on these, I started doing more stuff. I gave myself a try at embroidery as well as patching. I made some really cool denim jackets with studs and patches as well as bleach. I then worked on making denim shorts from jeans and working in the studs and distressed look into these. Working on these items kept me busy while still enjoying myself. For the rest of the summer I periodically worked on clothing while selling them on etsy to people around the US and Canada. When i got my first order I was so happy, while it was one f my sorority sister it meant the world to me that someone actually wanted something that i had made. After selling a few different shirts I began producing more and more shirts and learning different techniques along the way. This lead me back to Arizona for my next step of my journey: JustMBDesigns takes on tailgates.

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