• Marlene Bond

Duvet of Dreams

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

It all started while I was browsing around Home Goods, walking down the busy aislel trying to find the perfect duvet cover for my bed. Over the past few years I had always been looking and trying to find the perfect duvet cover, but no luck... Unless I wanted to spend over 100 dollars on just the duvet.. I began looking at other stores like Anthropology, Urban Outfitters, and Pier One. I found duvet covers that I liked but nothing was perfect, I began feeling the materials and examining the different duvets. An idea sparked into my head, I have always wanted to create my own duvet cover, I was always just scared that it wouldn't turn out how I wanted it to.. I decided to take the plunge and make it happen. I decided to head over to joanns to get some fabric for my project. If you have ever been to joaans you know how overwhelming it can be to find fabric, let alone get the inspiration you wanted from thousands of rings of fabric. I knew that I wanted a boho themed duvet cover, similar to the ones I had seen at Urban Outfitters and Anthropology. Walking down the aisle touching all the fabric, trying to get a nice feel for which fabric pieces I wanted. I ended up with 4 different shades of white fabric in my cart; white, off white, cream, and white speckled. I knew there were so many options to choose from, how was I going to take the next step in deciding which trims to pick.. I entered the trim and lace aisle. There was an overwhelming amount of lace and trim options. All from lace trim for curtails to florescent yellow ribbon. I started out by trying to find a sort of big trim that looked more boho instead of dainty or loud.. I ended up with three different options of trim. After selecting the trim that I wanted I moved on to looking for another type of trim that looked good with the other trim I had selected. There were so many options and I began to get overwhelmed, picking up the same trim and then putting it back down, not knowing if it would look right.. After spending at least 45 min in the trim aisle I had found my pairing! I found a nice pom pom like trim and 5 pieces of simple off white ribbon to go above the pom pom like trim. After leaving the trim aisle it was time to find a fabric that would pair nicely with the off white color I had chosen. I started looking at the costume fabric section, there were so many glittery fabrics. I loved all the sparkles and unique fabric cuts. As I walked down the aisle I saw it, a beautiful rose gold sparkly silk fabric. I was successful in finding all of my fabrics, now it was time to get it cut. Walking up to the counter to get my fabric cut and I was ready to go. I ended up getting 6 yards of off white muslin, 2 yards of rose gold silk, and 5 yards of trim. After being in Joann for almost 2 hours I was done and headed home. After getting home I went right to work. I started making the pillows out of the muslin fabric. Each pillow took 1 yard to make, with a few edges trimmed to cut the dimensions of the fabric (31x41in). After making the white pillows I started making the silk pillows. When I attempted the silk pillows I noticed the fabric was a little bit more difficult to work with. When I attempted to iron the fabric the creases wouldn't stick therefore it was hard to create a straight seam. After getting enough of a crease to pin and work with I began sewing. After a few inches of stitches I noticed the fabric began pulling a bit, with every stitch the fabric would cinch a bit. It became very hard to work with, I tried to push through it and finished them. They turned out so good. I was so happy with how they looked. The next step was getting the duvet done. The hardest part of this was deciding where I was going to lay out 110x110 inches of fabric.. Once I had the fabric all laid out I started laying out the trim on the fabric and pinning it down. Once I decided where I wanted the trim I started sewing it down on the fabric. The pom pom like fabric was a little bit difficult to sew so I ended up hand sewing it down. Once I had all of the trim laid down on the fabric it was time to start sewing the flat sheet down with the white muslin fabric. I sewed both pieces of fabric right sides together, and I was done! After I finished 3 corners of a square I began finishing the opening of the square, sewing the edges down to make a clean edge. I was finally done with this project and couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out. I was so impressed with myself and thrilled to see the process that went into making this project come to life.

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